Tips To Improve Domain Name Security

Dorothy S. Bass
10 tips for improving domain name security - GoDaddy Blog

Getting a domain registration does not ensure comprehensive protection for your website. 

Your brand new website with domain needs the implementation of additional security measures to save your webpage from domain hijacking and security threats.

You don’t want to wake up one morning to find out your domain has been compromised. As it will not only disrupt your online presence but also damage your brand reputation.

Therefore, to ensure the security of a domain name, let us understand domain name security and security measures to improve it.

What is Domain Name Security?

Domain name security involves implementing domain privacy and security measures to protect companies’ domain names against malicious activity. 

It is the exhaustive approach through which the domain is multi-layered with security to protect web page domain name registration and access control. It is done by adopting domain monitoring, DNS security, encryption, and email authentication.

Adopting this approach for domain security can help prevent digital adversaries from acquiring unauthorized access to your business domain.

Does Domain Name Have Copyright Protection?

Sadly, domain names are not protected under the Copyright Act. A copyright act protects a creator’s original works, including software codes, architecture, literary work, music, art, etc., but not methods, ideas, or systems of operation. 

Against What Kind of Attack Domain Security Provides Protection?

  1. Registrar Hacking
  2. Domain Hijacking
  3. Typosquatting
  4. Domain Spoofing
  5. Email Spoofing
  6. DNS Spoofing

How to Secure Your Domain Name?

  1. Register With Only Reputed Registrar

Domain registration is the foremost and most crucial step in building your webpage. Always register with a reputed name provided by ICANN.ICANN supplies a list of accredited registrars from which you can choose based on your country and territory. 

A reputed name ensures that your domain is managed professionally based on industrial standards while providing needed customer support.

  1. Keep A Close Eye On the Expiration Date

Domain expiration increases the risk of losing your domain name altogether. Therefore, it is essential to keep a close eye on it, especially when you have multiple domain names registered.

Rather than an annual renewal, you can opt for a ten-yearly renewal or set it for auto-renewal to ensure you remember.

  1. Ensure You have Multi-Layer or Two-factor Authentication

Multi-layer or two-factor authentication gives you additional protection for your domain account. So, in case someone breaks your username and password, the second layer of protection will increase the security.

  1. Register All Look Alike Domain

Registering all look-alike domains is a strategic move to mitigate typosquatting threats. All you need to do is register all similar or close to a domain name that matches your primary domain. For instance ganna.oi etc

  1. Ensure You Have WHOIS Protection 

WHOIS protection helps against data exploitation on the Internet. For instance, your business details like address, city, country, mobile number, and email address can tell so much about you, exposing you to social attacks.

  1. Ensure You Use Strong Password

Ensuring strong passwords for all your access protects against unauthorized access. Your password should be formed with

  •  Eight characters or more.
  • Detour using dictionary-based words.
  • Include different combinations of lowercase and uppercase
  •  letters, symbols, and numbers.


There are countless ways to ensure your domain security. By adopting these simple measures, you can quickly mitigate the risks associated with it. 

Your domain represents your brand online, so stay uncompromising and smart about it. 

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