How to use Notion

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter /*! elementor – v3.7.8 – 02-10-2022 */ .elementor-widget-text-editor.elementor-drop-cap-view-stacked .elementor-drop-capbackground-color:#818a91;color:#fff.elementor-widget-text-editor.elementor-drop-cap-view-framed .elementor-drop-capcolor:#818a91;border:3px solid;background-color:transparent.elementor-widget-text-editor:not(.elementor-drop-cap-view-default) .elementor-drop-capmargin-top:8px.elementor-widget-text-editor:not(.elementor-drop-cap-view-default) .elementor-drop-cap-letterwidth:1em;height:1em.elementor-widget-text-editor .elementor-drop-capfloat:left;text-align:center;line-height:1;font-size:50px.elementor-widget-text-editor .elementor-drop-cap-letterdisplay:inline-block Today’s guest, Chris Chappotin, shares how he uses Notion to organize himself. He talks about how to get started and why people […]

It’s Time to Embrace the Emotional or Affective Turn

Thoughts are on the ideal-seller list—and for fantastic motive. A lot as an previously understanding of dinosaurs—as slow-going, dimwitted creatures doomed to extinction—has been overturned, triggering renewed community interest in the Mesozoic Era, so, way too, are older methods of considering about feelings going through radical problems, earning it obvious […]

There’s No Right Way to ‘Ungrade’

I was both equally surprised, and I suppose flattered, to be named in a the latest write-up that I am amongst the people who are “doing ungrading suitable.”  I was also extra than a very little chagrined because most of my composing on ungrading has been to doc my myriad struggles in implementing an […]

Advantages of PMP certification and its syllabus

Dorothy S. Bass

Overview With growing businesses worldwide, the need for experienced project managers is soaring high. Therefore, becoming a certified project manager will be a great advantage for you and add value to your profile. Project Management Institute has put forward a certification called Project Management Professional, that trains you with the […]

Ways to Saving Money on Upcoming Winter

Dorothy S. Bass

As winter approaches, it’s time to check your expenses and see where you can cut costs. Some areas to look at include your car insurance. You may be able to get a discount on that. Also, updating your budget will help you see how much you’re saving each month. Turning […]

The Fundamentals of SOLIDWORKS that Everyone Should Know

Dorothy S. Bass

The SOLIDWORKS® CAD programming is a mechanical plan mechanization application that allows fashioners rapidly to portray our thoughts, try different things with highlights and aspects, and produce models and definite drawings. This report talks about ideas and phrasing utilized all through the SOLIDWORKS application. It acquaints you with the ordinarily […]