The Four Corners Strategy – Model Teaching

Dorothy S. Bass


To Employ the Four Corners Approach in your classroom:

  1. Put together a problem with four attainable right response options that align with the lesson articles or the goal of the test for being familiar with action. Endeavor to style and design your questions so that they can elicit an open-ended reaction, and the place far more than just one response choice could be suitable, relying on the justification and rationale supplied by the scholar.
  2. Show the issue on the projector monitor or read the query aloud.
  3. Advise college students of four areas in the classroom, one particular that signifies just about every respond to preference. Learners ought to transfer to the locale in the space that signifies their option.
  4. Motivate 100% participation and remind pupils to make their possess selection and not be dependent on what other learners select.
  5. Opt for at least a person university student from each individual reply preference to protect their respond to verbally, or permit groups to examine the rationale for their selection.
  6. When doable, persuade supplemental discourse and debate between groups to help deepen comprehension of the thought.

Closed Responses

Shut responses could be utilised for Four Corners when the teacher features inquiries with only one particular appropriate reply nevertheless, this approach is ordinarily not utilized for 4 Corners.

A superior possibility for closed responses would be the Pupil Reaction Technique.

Nonetheless, if you pick to employ shut responses inside of the 4 Corners System, this is what it could glimpse like:

A third-quality math instructor shows a polygon with the length of every aspect labeled and asks pupils to establish the perimeter. She gives 4 respond to decisions, and learners stand in the corner symbolizing the letter of their choice.

Evaluation: She can use a facts tracker to speedily mark if college students miss an reply to identify their general precision amount right after all of the inquiries have been answered. Even so, you are not likely to get precise information from a closed dilemma due to the fact if a pupil chooses a improper response and sees that most learners are standing at one more answer choice, they could be much more most likely to follow their friends to that response.

Open Responses

Open responses are the regular response format for 4 Corners, assuming the query posed could be answered correctly by any or most of the 4 alternatives given. The instructor can then tally university student responses and call for college students from each facet of the argument to justify their responses with evidence or principles associated to the day’s content material.

Example: A trainer shows the subsequent figures and asks pupils to stand in the corner of the amount that does not belong.

9 16 25 43

In this specific set of sequences, college students will will need to figure out how people numbers are connected- and there could be more than a person reaction. For illustration, one student may possibly say that 16 does not belong since the other quantities are all odd. An additional student, however, could say that 43 does not belong for the reason that the other quantities could be minimized by its sq. root. This process allowed for the instructor to aid students in training math examination in diverse methods and review significant concepts essential for deeper essential contemplating.

Assessment: Following learners make their reply decision, the teacher can have them entire an exit ticket outlining their reasoning for their alternative or engage in a team dialogue. She can then type the students into two groups centered on their exit tickets: equipped to defend sufficiently and not able to protect.

The Four Corners Technique can also be significant in challenge-based things to do, functions in which examination is essential, or when you need to practice justifying a response.

Take into account a science course that has accomplished a lab activity and has drawn conclusions. Based on how learners structured their experiments, various teams could appear to diverse conclusions that they can protect working with facts from their experiments.

Take into consideration analyzing a piece of poetry, a complicated short story, or chapter. If the investigation is sophisticated, or if the question posed could elicit far more than one reaction, students will be ready to independent into two or a lot more corners of the area and then prompt a further discussion and discussion on equally sides of the argument. For illustration: “Do you imagine the character was justified in her conduct toward her father?”

In art, the trainer could screen the names of four well known artists and talk to pupils to pick out the most important artist for a certain style, prompting learners to direct a discussion on their chosen artists and rationale for their great importance in the art world.

Ideal Used When

This system is most productive when pupils require to reveal their reasoning or justification skills. It works most effective when the 4 reply alternatives could be deemed proper, dependent on how you assess the question. It enables pupils to work on their conversation abilities and can help them see distinctive viewpoints they may perhaps not have regarded as in advance of.

Although the 4 Corners Tactic is not explicitly necessary for these varieties of justification activities, it offers a new way for college students to interact with the content material and will help to have interaction them in a extra genuine dialogue. It can be included as section of your assorted approaches to test for knowledge in your classroom and included as an more worthwhile action for your program.


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