The Best Resources For Learning About Translanguaging

Dorothy S. Bass


Translanguaging is the principle/plan of supporting pupils to use their home languages to learn and access written content.

Here’s one more way to describe it:

Translanguaging can refer to a pedagogical process of utilizing additional than a single language within a classroom lesson or it can be made use of to describe the way bilinguals use their linguistic assets to make sense of and interact with the globe about them.

I have shared methods on it around the yrs, and considered it would be useful to bring them all alongside one another in a “Best” listing.

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Listed here are unique translanguaging assets:

The Science of the Bilingual Reading through Mind is from Language magazine, and is about translanguaging.

What Is Translanguaging, And How Is The Notion Becoming Utilised? is from Babbel.

Translanguaging: Principle, Idea, Follow, Stance… or All of the Above? is from CAL.

4 Techniques to Get Started With Translanguaging is from TESOL.

What is Translanguaging? is from CUNY.

Valuing resources of know-how and translanguaging in emergent bilingual college students is from Train Understand Mature.

4 Educator-Encouraged Techniques for Instructing English-Language Learners is the headline of 1 of my Instruction Week columns.

3 Methods to Harness the Energy of Translanguaging is from TESOL.

Truly feel cost-free to allow me know what I’m missing!


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