Taliban promise ‘good news’ on girls’ education in Afghanistan

Dorothy S. Bass


Afghanistan’s interior minister promised “very very good news” soon
on the return of ladies to secondary schools, in a uncommon interview
broadcast Monday by CNN, Trend stories citing Al Arabiya.

At the conclude of March, the Taliban, who took electricity soon after US forces
withdrew from the place past August, closed superior schools and
schools for girls just hours just after their reopening.

The sudden reversal, requested by Hibatullah Akhundzada, the
supreme leader of the Taliban and of the country, outraged several
Afghans and the global community.

“I would like to provide some clarification. There is no a single who
opposes schooling for girls,” explained Interior Minister Sirajuddin
Haqqani, extended a person of the most secretive Taliban leaders and who
only showed his face in public for the 1st time in March.

He argued that girls could by now go to major college. “Above
that grade, the get the job done is continuing on a mechanism” to permit girls
to show up at secondary college, he stated in his to start with televised

“Very quickly you will listen to quite very good news about this issue,” he

Haqqani hinted that the “mechanism” was linked to college costume
codes, explaining that education and learning should be dependent on Afghan
“culture” and “Islamic regulations and concepts,” and referred “more
broadly” to the concern of girls wearing the hijab.

Just after their return to electricity, the Taliban demanded that women of all ages
put on at minimum a hijab, a scarf masking the head but revealing the

But since the commencing of May, they have in its place compelled them to
dress in a complete veil in public and ideally a burqa, which had been
obligatory when they to start with ran the country between 1996 and

“If an individual is providing absent their daughters or sisters, they do
that dependent on whole believe in,” he explained.

“We ought to set up the problems so that we can guarantee their
honor and security. We are performing to guarantee this.”

The Haqqani community that was started by his late father and
which he now heads is accused of carrying out some of the most
violent attacks perpetrated by the Taliban in Afghanistan in the
previous 20 decades.

Sirajuddin Haqqani himself is still on the FBI’s most preferred
record, with a $10 million reward for any information and facts that could lead
to his arrest.

On CNN, the minister said that “the past 20 years was a
scenario of defensive battling and war” but that he preferred in the
long run “to have great relations with the United States and the
global neighborhood.”

“We do not glance at them as enemies,” he reported, insisting that the
Taliban intends to regard the arrangement signed with Washington in
2020, in which they pledged not to enable Afghanistan develop into a haven
for terrorists targeting Americans all over again.


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