TITAN Cement shares financial results

Dorothy S. Bass

Sales volume trends were positive in all product lines in the first half of the year. Group cement and clinker sales, including exports, increased by 11{14f62f8d01b0e9e4416e7be29f093eee2960b1e4c60488fca25d8fca5b82c641} supported by higher demand across most markets. Aggregates and ready-mix sales volumes increased by 4{14f62f8d01b0e9e4416e7be29f093eee2960b1e4c60488fca25d8fca5b82c641} and 5{14f62f8d01b0e9e4416e7be29f093eee2960b1e4c60488fca25d8fca5b82c641} respectively. Consolidated revenue reached €821.1 million, up […]