STEM History in the Making 

Dorothy S. Bass


Jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) continue to take-off at an incredible rate, expected to grow over 10% during the next decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. At the same time, STEM careers are becoming increasingly pivotal in tackling some of the most pressing issues in our world, from PPE materials to combating the climate crisis. 

But there remains an access gap that’s preventing these jobs from being filled equitably or evenly. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, women currently comprise 48% of all workers in the U.S. but represent only 27% of the STEM workforce. Additionally, in 2016 Pew Research found that Hispanic adults hold only 8% of the STEM workforce, while Black STEM employees constitute only 9% of STEM jobs, and these statistics haven’t changed since 2016.

Empowering, easy-to-access educational resources continue to help fill the STEM careers gap. That’s why Boeing teamed up with Discovery Education to create FUTURE U.a learning initiative featuring no-cost resources aligned to national education standards, designed to inspire students from all backgrounds to become the next generation of aerospace innovation.

New Hands-On STEM Experiences 

The new Changemakers in STEM video series introduces students to STEM influencers and innovators of diverse backgrounds throughout history. This dynamic 360° extended reality experience transports students to amazing, real locations around the world—and over to Mars, too! Students can follow tangible real-world examples of STEM enabling people to explore, learn, and create in ways we never have before. This immersive experience can be integrated into any learning environment with the help of companion activities and educator guides. 

The STEM Career profile video series is an innovative new FUTURE U. resource that allows real students to ask the questions as they interview influential Boeing professionals from diverse backgrounds about their lives and careers in STEM. Complementary student activities meet the needs of today’s busy teachers with ready-to-use lessons spotlighting the dedicated work of Boeing professionals. These hands-on experiences give students a glimpse into the type of work that successful professionals do every day, while allowing them to envision their own future in STEM.

Changing Perspectives in STEM 

The new educational initiative and resources are representative of Boeing’s commitment to diversity and Discovery Education’s commitment to equity. Together, the partnership connects today’s students to STEM careers that are capable of building a brighter future for all. Check out and the Discovery Education K-12 learning platform to learn how you can help students spark inspiration, champion innovation, and think globally.



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