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How to Find the Perfect Student Accommodation

Starting college is a thrilling experience, especially when moving away from home. It is the beginning of a whole new chapter, and there is also newfound independence. Many times, students going to college don’t want to live in dorms but instead, want to live in student housing, like Quad At York. Living in a luxury residence helps you to get the experience of living on your own that you have been so looking forward to. When you are looking for a student residence, the following are some of the qualities that you should look out for.

Types of Room

The very first thing that you need to see is the type of room which is being offered. When you are moving for college it is always better to opt for rooms which are fully furnished. Having a scalable kitchen is always a great bonus as it will give you the freed to cook your favourite meals whenever you want them.

Amenities available

One of the very basic things that you should look out for is the amenities provided by the student residency. One of the basic requirements as a student is that of high-speed internet. It is something you need to do your homework and stay in touch with your family and friends. No student’s life is complete without the internet. Apart from that, do check the other amenities being offered by the student housing. Having a gym in the building is always a great idea. This is because a lot of times students end up ignoring their physical health while concentrating on academics. A healthy body and healthy mind share a deep connection. A gym in the building is always a great idea. Apart from that a lot of student housing also provide lounges for the students to hang out along with business centres and break-out study rooms.

Location of the Residency

When looking at student residency, the location plays an important role. You must find a housing facility near the campus. The further away it is, the more cumbersome it would become to travel to classes. When you live right next to the campus, it becomes easier for you to be a part of the campus life and have your personal space.

Services Provided

When you are living in student housing, it is going to be your first time living away from home, you must have all the help that you might require. When you are just about to start living alone, sometimes the thought that what are you going to do if suppose there is a short circuit? Having help available on the site will help you to be at ease.


The life of a student is more than just attending classes. The residency should have good connectivity and life around it. There should be a bus stop nearby so that you can get around the town with ease. Great restaurants and places near the residency will only make things better.

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