Cinco de Mayo: Changing the Narrative

Dorothy S. Bass


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Cinco de Mayo is an possibility to celebrate Hispanic or Mexican heritage with your college students. But Cinco de Mayo’s significance is generally misunderstood and misrepresented, inspite of the worth of honoring the working day with historic precision, an knowledge of cultural appropriation, and loaded tales of Hispanic and Mexican society.   

From its origins marking the Struggle of Puebla to now, unique particulars of Cinco de Mayo’s history and heritage have morphed into a U.S. holiday break celebrating tacos, kitschy sombreros, and usage of tequila, in honor of Mexico’s Independence Day. Here’s a temporary overview of the story of Cinco de Mayo:  

  • Cinco de Mayo is Mexico’s celebration of victory in opposition to the French in 1862 and facilities on a solitary fight: The Struggle of Puebla. 

  • Mexico received independence from Spain 52 years earlier, celebrating Fiestas Patrias (Independence Day) on September 16. 

  • Ergo, Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s Independence Working day.  

  • The holiday getaway is to remember the heroism of the 4,000 Mexican troops in the Battle of Puebla more than 8,000 French troops.   

A single far more thing that may possibly shock you: 

  • In accordance to Mexican record, tacos, a common street foodstuff, and Cinco de Mayo genuinely never have any relationship to a single yet another.  

Educators are billed with sharing and educating about cultural heritage precisely and respectfully. How can you adjust the narrative to honor Mexico and Hispanic heritage on Cinco de Mayo, and stay clear of stereotypes and misinformation? We have collected assets to assistance you!  

Once you’ve determined how you will strategy the vacation, the next sources can aid your setting up:

Wow! Your Cinco de Mayo toolkit is all loaded up! Please do take pleasure in tacos* and margaritas on Cinco de Mayo, with the knowledge that your food stuff option is not necessarily agent of the holiday. You have a great deal of assets to link the 5th of Might to its history and why it must be celebrated. Just by looking at this website article and checking out the sources, you are component of the solution for changing the narrative all over Cinco de Mayo.   


*Nobody’s dissing tacos on each Tuesday and Thursday, or any other sacred time of taco intake. I am an absolute taco advocate—anytime, wherever. It is just that, counter to common beliefs, there’s no distinct connection in between tacos (or margaritas, or tequila) and Cinco de Mayo.  


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