An example EduProtocols unit that supports UDL, SEL

Dorothy S. Bass


How can we be certain our lesson strategies satisfy the requirements of ALL of our learners?

Now that college students have obtain to highly effective know-how applications, it is time to integrate technological know-how in significant, purposeful techniques. No matter if you are instructing face to face or virtually, EduProtocols allow for lecturers to function less, train better…and most importantly…students realize extra!

What are EduProtocols?

EduProtocols are a set of approaches you can use to simplify planning and get success. They’re very simple activities you can use more than and in excess of once more, modifying for new articles. They have entertaining names, like Fast and the Curious, Cyber Sandwich, and Booka Kucha. Phone them “lesson frames,” like photograph frames. You can transform the content (the image) inside of a photograph body, but the body usually stays the similar.

They are not a solution you acquire. Once you get started working with these action concepts, they are a way of existence! You can locate a lot of illustrations at

Established originally by Jon Corippo and Marlena Hebern, the EduProtocols community has expanded broad and extensive to make certain all subject matter locations and all grade levels gain from their use. EduProtocols are open up pedagogy that work with any material area or curriculum.

EduProtocols assistance Universal Structure for Learning

We know the two yrs of pandemic-era remote instructing have had a big affect on our employment in the classroom. We know we want pupils to be thriving. We want to be helpful instructors. We want ALL learners to knowledge development in their learning. This appears like these an insurmountable activity. With the diverse amounts and talents of our pupils, what is a instructor to do? 

This is where by EduProtocols occur in. They genuinely deliver the HOW when instructors need to have to fulfill the numerous needs of learners, give various signifies of learning opportunities, construct relationships with college students, and deal with social-psychological learning.

Common Style for Discovering is a framework for teaching that helps academics boost and optimize training and learning for all individuals based mostly on scientific insights into how people study. It delivers for …

  • Engagement, the “why” of studying (affective networks in the brain)
  • Representation, the “what” of studying (recognition networks in the mind)
  • Action and Expression, the “how” of understanding (strategic networks in the mind)

Example device: How Kim deploys EduProtocols

Here’s an example showing how the elements of lesson layout, UDL, and EduProtocols can align for successful lesson scheduling. This is from my 5th quality American Revolution Unit.

How UDL fits with deploying EduProtocols throughout a device

Universal Layout for Finding out ( is of utmost value as we layout classes to meet the various needs of learners. UDL is a operate of the standard education classroom and goes hand in hand with very best, 1st instruction. 

EduProtocols align with the principles of UDL in real, meaningful means. For example, Iron Chef enables pupils to foster collaboration (Engagement), manual information processing and visualizing (Representation), and use many resources for construction and composition (Action/Expression). When we take numerous indicates of addressing learners’ demands, we meet the requirements of several rather than a number of.

“Racking and stacking” EduProtocols

When it arrives to arranging powerful classes, lecturers and layer various EduProtocols. I call this “Rack and Stack”. Like the chart above, you can see successful pedagogy and intentional lesson style and design in the instance. When I was in the classroom, I observed myself relying on the triad of Fast and Curious, Slim Slide, and CyberSandwich for a in depth lesson that could be taught in about an hour. I existing several tips and useful illustrations about how to do this by means of my guide, Deploying EduProtocols, and in our extremely supporting Facebook team, EmpowerEDventure.

EduProtocols + social emotional discovering

In addition to the technological desires of mastering from a distance or integrating engineering in successful means, the EduProtocols guidance social and emotional mastering (SEL). The Collaborative for Tutorial, Social, and Psychological Understanding (CASEL) produced a framework dependent on five core requires that are integral to the development of children. 

SEL does not want a separate, isolated time in the faculty day. The more we can combine these capabilities into the lessons we develop, the far better. The use of EduProtocols supports each of these regions. EduProtocols can be leveraged to include lifestyle competencies into every day discovering. Self-Awareness, Social Recognition, Accountable Conclusion-Creating, Self-Management, and Relationship Techniques, the five main desires, are exemplified in several of the EduProtocols where studying is scaffolded, chunked, and social.

Examples of SELs and EduProtocols

Self Recognition: Generate consistency, repetition, and suggestions with Rapid and Curious and 8 Elements

Social Recognition: Supply options for collaboration and interaction by making use of Cyber Sandwich and Iron Chef

Accountable Determination Generating: By making use of EduProtocols on a standard foundation, scaffolds and supports are delivered for a gradual launch of duty by lowering the cognitive load. All 4 C’s (creativity, collaboration, vital wondering, and communication) are inherent in the EduProtocols.

Self Administration: Create government performing competencies in learners by furnishing manageable jobs for students to full, receive actionable suggestions, and come to feel prosperous

Interactions: Produce connections among classmates to make a harmless ecosystem for understanding and failure. With Frayer a Close friend, learners are sharing about on their own to a partner. The husband or wife is recording what is staying verbalized on a Frayer product. Learners are setting up a connection with every other and among other pupils as the pairs for quads to share about their partner.


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