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Dorothy S. Bass


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Simultaneous Oral Spelling (S.O.S.)

Simultaneous Oral Spelling (SOS) is a multi-sensory training technique launched as a training strategy in the Orton-Gillingham Process of reading through instruction for express and systematic educating. SOS will help create phonological recognition by breaking down word sounds for learners to observe spelling specified words. SOS can be made use of together with your normal spelling system so that learners can exercise the spelling policies you are educating in your phrase list. This web site submit will overview one solution you can acquire when implementing SOS into your lesson.

Wrestle with Spelling

Learners that battle with spelling generally have trouble decoding phonemes in a term and battle with connecting each and every phoneme to a grapheme. A phoneme is the smallest unit of sound. For reference, under are the phonemes of letter sounds in the English language:

Phoneme Table

A grapheme is the solitary letter or team of letters that make up a single phoneme.

For instance, the phoneme /sh/ can produce unique graphemes: ss as in mission or ti as in station. Every grapheme consists of the /sh/ phoneme but is represented by diverse teams of letters, even while it makes the exact seem.

Small children with language processing conditions, like dyslexia, are in particular susceptible to weaknesses in phonological recognition. A symptom of the dysfunction may possibly be trouble spelling considering the fact that pupils battle with being familiar with phonemes. Employing the SOS approach can help college students interact with phonemes and superior view how they make up models of seem.

The SOS Technique can be utilised in a full team setting, in a tiny group environment, or with individual learners. Normally, the SOS Process is employed as a help approach for certain college students battling with spelling. For learners new to looking through, creating, and spelling, the SOS approach can support pupils in mastering CVC terms like “top”, “cat”, or “dad”.

Afterwards, as learners move absent from less difficult CVC text into much more sophisticated terms with far more demanding phonemes that exist like “goat”, “laugh”, or “ocean”, the SOS Technique is valuable.

Instructing words by introducing specified phrases in a term relatives lesson, as these terms arrive up in a textual content a student reads, or as a evaluate for a collection of spelling words and phrases young children are learning in class, the SOS method can aid accelerate mastery of spelling.

To get started using the SOS Method, you can strategy to devote no more than 10-minutes training a sequence of meticulously selected terms. When you have selected your words and phrases, you can let students entry to the words you are training dependent on your lesson concentration or support method for your learners. As college students exercise their spelling, they can refer back to the proper spelling of the term. As the learners come to be more proficient in spelling the term, they can follow without having being delivered accessibility to the word.

Observe these actions to assistance your learners exercise spelling, modeled right after the SOS strategy.

Stage 1: The instructor says and reveals the word.
Dictate the spelling word to your pupil(s). As you condition each individual term, enunciate each letter sound plainly, and deal with the college student so that he or she can see your lips as you say the phrase. Dependent on whether or not the college student noticeably struggles, you can also supply the word to the college student by producing it on the board, applying plastic letters, or giving the word in a flashcard or on paper for the scholar to use as a reference when practicing this approach.


Phase 2: The university student repeats the word.
Involve the college student to repeat the work back to you. You could also question the university student to clap along with each syllable of the phrase. As he or she repeats the term, check out that you can notice each phoneme staying fashioned by the student’s mouth.

“Laugh” [clap] “ter” [clap]

Adapting the SOS Method for use within an Elkonin Box:

Elkonin containers are visual resources that assistance learners comprehend each and every phoneme in a term. Though the SOS Technique is frequently executed working with just pencil and paper, students can also reward from the additional visual an Elkonin Box can offer. Consider employing an Elkonin box to guidance the SOS Strategy by next these modified steps underneath.
Phase 1: Say and show the term:

Move 3. Faucet out just about every phoneme.
Ask the scholar to say the phrase out loud by breaking each individual sound of the phrase down into its phonemes.

At this step, the college student will tap a finger for each sound produced. As an alternate, you can also present learners with blocks or counters to slide or tap as they make just about every audio. The system decided on will rely on what is comfortable to the college student.

“L”[tap] “a” [tap] “f” [tap] “t” [tap] “er” [tap]

Step 4. The college student spells the phrase aloud.
Talk to the scholar to spell out the phrase. In this action, the pupil will spell out every grapheme of the term (the letter group that signifies the particular person phoneme). They can once more tap their finger for each individual seem as they spell.

“L”[tap], “au” [tap] , “gh” [tap] , “t” [tap], “er” [tap]

Stage 5. Publish the word.
The pupil will now generate the term down, stating each and every letter as they compose it. Examine to ensure the university student spells the word appropriately and works by using appropriate handwriting.


Move 6. Read through the term
Ask the student to glance at the term and yet again read through the phrase back again aloud.


Total these ways for every single phrase in your spelling record. Exercise these words and phrases above various days before relocating on to the subsequent set of words and phrases. You can also use this technique to review a collection of words pupils have acquired.

Adapting the SOS Process for use inside of an Elkonin Box:

Elkonin packing containers are visual tools that assistance pupils understand each phoneme in just a phrase. When the SOS System is frequently applied using just pencil and paper, learners can also profit from the additional visual an Elkonin Box can deliver. Contemplate making use of an Elkonin box to help the SOS Method by adhering to these modified ways down below.

Move 1:

Say and demonstrate the word:

Step 1 Elkonin Box

Step 2:

Question the student to repeat the phrase:


Action 3:

Tap each and every box with a finger for each and every phoneme:

Step 2 Elkonin Box

Phase 4:

Question the student to spell the term aloud, whilst tapping every single phoneme per box.

Step 4 Elkonin Box

Phase 5:

Check with the university student to produce the phrase down, with each audio corresponding to 1 box. You can also have the letters pre-printed into each box for really younger pupils and ask pupils to trace more than just about every letter.

Step 5 Elkonin Box

Action 6:


Extension move 7:
Check with the scholar to re-produce the phrase once again underneath the Elkonin packing containers.


Extension move 8:
When the baby is prepared, you can take out the assist of the Elkonin containers and question the boy or girl to publish the terms onto paper.


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