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What does it really imply for pupils to be fluent in math? Hint: It is not just about simple information! In our new system 5222: Math Fluency Further than the Facts, you will challenge the classic narrative of fluency. Fairly than memorization, regurgitation, and speed, fluency is rooted in conceptual comprehension, involving versatile imagining, reasoning, and creative imagination. 

Perfect for any individual who teaches or supports K-8 mathematics, this study course balances relatable investigation with usable activities to aid you shift your classroom procedures and assessments toward a fluency tactic. 

We provide a strong collection of techniques, online games, and functions, giving you the applications you need to develop a potent basis of fluency and will empower assured mathematical thinkers.

Consider a search at 3 of the math fluency myths (and relevant truths) we debunk during the class:


If reading about these myths left you a little bit disoriented, it’s okay! By means of your operate in this new class, you’ll embark on a journey to achieve greater clarity, and prioritize an technique to math fluency grounded in truth of the matter and research.

Study much more about 5222: Math Fluency Further than the Info and sign-up now!

Showcased Training course:

Math Fluency Past the Points

Class 5222 | 3-Credits | Gr. K-8

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