Nine Reasons to Choose Reflexology As a New Career

Dorothy S. Bass

Are you dissatisfied, uninspired, or simply unhappy with your current career? If you want to do something meaningful, practical, and profitable – foot Reflexology just might be your calling.

Here are nine good reasons why you should be considering Reflexology.

1. Be your own boss. Who hasn’t dreamed of being a successful entrepreneur? With a foot Reflexology practice, you can have your own business, while bypassing many of the headaches involved with typical entrepreneurship. You can be the sole boss, employee, and supplier!

2. You can start now. Many professions require years of expensive, inconvenient college classes. The most highly recommended Reflexology educational institution provides online schooling, which can be completed at your convenience. You can complete basic Reflexology training in just a few months, or take as long as needed to work it around your busy schedule.

3. Your own health and family will benefit from your training. Everything you learn can be applied to healing your own maladies, and those of loved ones. You could leave your stressful career for a stress-relieving career!

4. Work where you want. Rent an office, and set up an official practice. Travel to client’s homes. See clients in your living room. Seek employment at a local spa or natural health center. The choice is yours!

5. Maximum potential, with minimal investment. Training for Reflexology is convenient and affordable. Your tools are your hands, so you don’t need to invest in equipment and office space is optional. With no upfront capital, and inexpensive classes anyone can afford to learn a new trade!

6. Develop friendships with your clients. You can socialize while you work. The soothing, spa-like atmosphere of a Reflexology practice is reminiscent of spending a day at the hair salon, chatting with the girls, except you will be earning money rather than spending it.

7. The work is rewarding. You can be helping and healing others while earning money. Reflexology has successfully helped conditions ranging from stress related migraines to insomnia, menopause and pain management.

8. Reflexology is a scalable business model. You can see a couple of clients a week for supplemental income, work five days a week, or anything in-between. Your practice can grow and evolve with your life. Even if you’re a fulltime mom, you can work in a few clients to round out your budget. When the kids go off to college leaving you with time on your hands, pick up a few clients and turn it into a fulltime business. When you are ready to retire, scale back to supplemental income.

9. Limitless income potential. Reflexologists provide a valuable service, and are well paid. Additionally, the more skilled you become the higher fees you can charge, and the more tips you will get. You can work as few or as many hours as you wish, and determine your own pay scale.

For more information visit our Reflexology Training & Certification website.

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