Gary Matthew Payne Presents the Importance of Education in the Technology Sector

Orangevale, CA: Gary Matthew Payne Presents the Importance of Education in the Technology Sector

According to Gary Matthew Payne, education is critical in the technology sector. That’s because if you’re not at the leading edge, you can quickly be left behind. Today’s most important pieces of software are evolving faster than ever. Staying abreast of these changes is vital for those working in any hands-on technical role.

Failure to do so can result in you being left behind. It can also expose you to the risk of being outcompeted by individuals with more up-to-date knowledge. In this instance, that can mean difficulty being hired for new roles. It can also come to represent a cap on your earning potential.

The solution? Continual learning.

Staying at the leading edge

The best way to stay ahead of the pack is to be at the leading edge of technology. The leading edge of technology represents the field’s pinnacle or most innovative and advanced aspects.

Crucially, the leading edge is distinct from the bleeding edge. Technology that’s bleeding edge is often still in development. Yet, that at the leading edge is likely already in use. And if you’re not actively familiarizing yourself with it, you’re at the risk of being left behind, Gary Matthew Payne reports.

Harvard stresses the value of continued learning

Ivy League research university Harvard shares similar sentiments. With that, the institution remains committed to bridging the technological divide in education. Harvard reports that the so-called learning gap in technology has widened more than ever in recent years. Closing this divide calls for two things.

First, an increase in the availability of technology-based resources. And second, the necessary access to one or more forms of continual learning. This continual learning should focus on bridging the technology gap, especially regarding the most rapidly evolving types of software.

An introduction to computer science

Both Harvard and Gary Matthew Payne suggest that a great place to start is with the university’s introduction to computer science course, known as CS50. That’s either as a starting point or as a secondary means of continued learning – essential for remaining relevant in the technology sector.

CS50 represents an introduction to the art of programming and the intellectual enterprises of computer science. Embarking on CS50, students gain a solid understanding of programming and computer science. They’ll also learn to think algorithmically – something Payne further believes is crucial to staying at the forefront of today’s technology sector.

Free lessons via

Another option, Gary Matthew Payne says, is The website is at the heart of a nonprofit encouraging people to learn computer science. includes free coding lessons, among a host of other valuable resources.

Full-stack web developer Payne points out that resources like weren’t available when he was growing up. Yet now, they’re at the fingertips of any individual wishing to educate themselves. They’re also an easily accessible means of continuing to learn, picking up new skills, and remaining at the leading edge of new technologies.

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